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Environment & Safety & Health Establishment of management system

QSI fulfills its social responsibility for the environment, safety, and health in all production and services, and establishes an environmental, safety, and health management system that complies with international standards to minimize the impact of all organizational activities on the environment, safety, and health.
The organization members faithfully implement the ISO14001 & ISO45001 management systems to become an environmentally friendly company.
Furthermore, together with all stakeholders, we enjoy a healthy life in a pleasant environment and do our best to preserve the global environment.

Environment, Safety, and Health Management System We establish and effectively implement an environment, safety, and health management system to eliminate and minimize adverse environmental, safety, and health impacts arising from all activities, products, and services of the operating company.
Compliance with environmental and safety laws and other requirements We comply with environmental (domestic and international conventions, etc.), safety, health, firefighting and chemical substances laws, other requirements and company standards.

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